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Look at this way. If the condominium never got repaired or painted, then you’d never be able to sell it. The sinking fund takes care of these expenses, thus keeping your investment safe and secure. The bond sinking fund is a long-term (noncurrent) asset even if the fund contains only cash. The reason is the cash in the fund must be used to retire bonds, which are long-term liabilities .

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A sinking fund is a place to put a set amount of money over time in order to reach a financial goal. I can see that a bunch of you are scratching your heads right now. Don’t panic! I didn’t know about what a sinking fund was until about 5 years ago.

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You reach your savings goal and don’t need the money for a while. You can let the money sit, and start allocating the amount you were saving to something else. A sinking fund approach is a type of economic approach that involves setting aside some profits over time.

A sinking fund approach means

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A sinking fund approach means

1: for most people a fully funded emergency fund will be about: $10,000 - $15,000. Sinking funds are one of the most useful additions to your budget.

A sinking fund approach means

Sinking Fund Savings (1/3) How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. After you have fully funded your emergency fund, you can start saving for other items. Throughout the year you’ll usually have a few big expenses, such as an upcoming vacation, team or club dues, music or athletic equipment, and prom. Why We Love Sinking Funds.
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A sinking fund approach means

Let’s say you know that you will spend around $1,000 on Christmas, and we’re in March. Take the $1,000 and divide by nine months (March through November). Set aside $110 each month.

Sinking funds work like this: Every month, you’ll set money aside in one or multiple categories to be used at a later date. With a sinking fund, you save up a small amount each month for a certain block of time before you spend.
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The bond sinking fund is part of the long-term asset section that usually has the heading "Investments." The bond sinking fund is a long-term (noncurrent) asset even if the fund contains only cash. Sinking funds are for those parts of your budget that don’t happen every month or on a very regular basis.